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Name:   Arthur Francis Tuscadero
Age:   41
Hometown:   Milwaukee, WI
Education:   Fort Hood training camp, Killeen, TX
Job:   daredevil

Bio:   Most redheaded step-kids get accustom to teasing, but not 9-year-old Francis. When a bunch of older kids said he was "fraidy cat Francis" for not jumping his Mongoose bicycle over the local creek, Francis took their dare. Racing down the make-shift dirt approach and up a wood-pallet ramp Francis pulled up on his handle bars and made the massive 8-foot jump. He crashed on the other side and wiped out, dislocating his shoulder. His mother was called. As she helped Francis home, he yelled at the older kids, "Your turn! Your turn!" None of the older kids took his dare. The next day at school someone wrote "Fearless Franco" on his locker door, and a legend was born. More on the real Franco

fearless franco girlfriend character bio
Name:   Brittany Jo Buttafuoco
Age:   none ur business
Hometown:   where ever
Education:   I got some
Job:   former dancer, now personal shopper

Bio:   So it was a typical Sunday night at the club. It was dead. I had been there for hours and there was very little going on. I was sitting at the bar when, what to my wandering (blood-shot) eyes should appear, but the famous Franco stunt jumper without fear. I got to him first and politely asked him to buy me a drink.

I had read in the newspaper (yes, I can read) that he had made big bucks from his latest jump. And I heard Hot Rod magazine listed him as the sixth best stunt daredevil in America. So he is kind of a big deal. I didn't go to see his jump because I had to watch my sister's kids (and I hate the sight of blood). Franco said I had the most beautiful ... eyes ... he had ever seen. And as I sat on his lap I thought about a long shopping trip at a high-class department store, and we both knew it was love at first sight.

We have one kid and another on the way and several broken engagements. He wants me to sign a pre-nup, and I want him to sign an insurance policy. But I will get that wedding ring, even if I have to push dear Franco down the aisle in a hospital gurney. The best thing is, is that I have some say in his upcoming jumps. The more dangerous the jump, the more money we make. But, hey, we all have to make sacrifices.

fearless franco hispanic mechanic character bio
Name:   Jesus Carlos Ramon Luiz Santiago Hernandez
Age:   33
Hometown:   Las Vegas, NV
Education:   DeVry auto repair institute
Job:   head mechanic for Franco's stunt vehicles

Bio:   It was late December and his mother was heavy with child when she waded across the Rio Grande river to find a better life. Traveling with her father, Joseph, she made it to a small American town just over the border but, alas, all the inns were full due to the annual Lone Star Car Show. A sympathetic auto repair shop owner let them stay in his shop over night.

Around midnight she went into labor. Hours later, near daybreak, the Hispanic mechanic was born. With no crib, he lay in a blanket, in an 18-inch all-seasons steel-belted radial tire. Within minutes, in walked three wealthy business men who were lost and looking for Lone Star Car Show. Seeing the newborn they gave him three gifts: a golden torque wrench, an evergreen-tree car freshener, and a quart of the newest in synthetic motor oil.

The child born in the repair shop would grow up strong and hardworking. He would become a great auto mechanic and be hired by a redheaded stunt daredevil. The only question left is: can he perform miracles on Franco's vehicles?

fearless franco doctor personal physician character bio
Name:   Dr Murray Hibbs
Age:   55
Hometown:   Kampala, Uganda
Education:   Josef Mengele School of Medicine, Brazil
Job:   Franco's personal physician and pharmacist

Bio:   Hello everyone, my name is Dr. Hibbs. I have a license to practice medicine and dispense medications in America and various lawless African nations. I am currently taking new patients. If you have been in a fall or an accident recently and are having trouble controlling your pain, then please come and see me at our clinic on MLK Avenue across from the Leiderman pawn shop. Below is my curriculum vitae:
Kampala Grammar School
Josef Mengele School of Medicine
medic with coup forces of General Adi Amin
President Adi Amin medical staff
relocation to America
expulsion from Beverly Hills plastic surgery college
graduation from Arkansas institute of homeopathic medicine
opened clinic in Las Vegas
Six-month suspension of medical license
appearances on radio and TV talk shows as medical expert
former celebrity patients: Elvis Presley, John Belushi, Truman Capote, Keith Moon
current celebrity patients: Franco Tuscadero, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson
All new playable expansion character - the betting spectator
fearless franco spectator bet bookie character bio
Name:   nameless face in the crowd
Age:   of legal age
Hometown:   Atlantic City, NJ
Education:   school of hard knocks
Job:   professional gambler

Bio:   They are giving the Knickerbockers seven points so I am definitely taking the spread there. As for the Sunday afternoon game, I am going with the Colts. Never bet against Johnny U. Now this Franco jump, that is a tough one. His mechanic said his vehicle is in tip top shape. And I gave his personal doctor a C note for some info and he said ole Franco has healed up pretty good since his last jump. But I got this other tip, from a very reliable inside source, that Franco is very distracted, very distracted and that he is most likely going to really screw up his landing. Really screw the pooch, if you know what I mean. It might be a race time decision, but I think I will be putting ten G's on poor Franco not walking away from this one.

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