Fearless Franco was created by Mike Cal Cahalan.
see Callycumla

With a few game development ideas from Bradley Port,
Prof Jonathan P. Berger, and author Ricky Sprague.
see Jon P Berger's site and see Ricky on Amazon

Most artwork by Mike Cal Cahalan.

Computer graphic design work done by Bradley Port.

Most coloring done by okutohq from Indonesia from fiverr.com

Coloring of cards done by lorenzouccheddu from Italy from fiverr.com

Some coloring was done by Gregory Ottaviani
at gregorycode@gmail.com see darkdeathmask.deviantart

Some additional coloring by mrwoods3364@yahoo.com
and bryanarfelmagnaye@yahoo.com.ph

Play money templates made by Priyadesigner12 from India from fiverr.com

Vehicles done by wicak964 and Andvect_dp from Indonesia from fiverr.com

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